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Kobby’s Billiard opened in Tokyo Nakano-ku since 1989. The owner of the Kobby’s Billiards is Hideaki.Kobayashi. Hideaki is one of the top carom billiard player in Japan under Japan Professional Billiard Federation (JPBF) Since 1995. Hideaki is the winner of All Japan Three Cushion Championship in 2005. Also the founder of Kobby’s Billiard is his father Nobuaki. Kobayashi who is World Three Cushion Champion in 1974 and 1984.

 nobuaki_kobayashi  hideaki_kobayashi

Kobby’s Billiards has 5 American pool table and 4 Carom Billiard Table. So you can enjoy playing with authentic equipments under well mainteined condition.


Address : 6-50-10 B1 Nogata Nakano-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone/Fax : +81-3-3336-6030
email : info@kobbybilliards.com
Open : From 13:00 to 04:30 (Japan Standard Time/GMT+9)


The parking space has been changed since May 8th,2014.map-j-のコピー

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Address : 6-50-10 B1 Nogata Nakano-ku, Tokyo Japan

Take “Seibu Shinjuku Line” and get off at “Nogata station”.
It will take 6 minutes by walk from “Nogata Station”.






It is only a couple of blocks away to west from “Maruyama Rikkyo” intersection of “Kannana Dori” (318) and “Shin-Oume Hwy” (440).Kobby’s Billiards has free parking space for the customer.

Take bus from Koenji-station and get off at “Nogata Shobosho”.

*Kobby’s Billiards locates near to the Nogata Fire station.
So if you lost on the way, probably you better to ask someone where the fire station is.
It is very near to where we locates.


Phone/Fax : +81-3-3336-6030